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Chamber Corner: Shop Walnut cards, Christmas Open House, My Hometown Release

As I was driving into town this past week I started to think about the little things that get done in Walnut that make our town a better place to live. Yet, no one really thinks about it. For example, the sign on Rt. 92 was updated to promote Walnut’s Christmas Open House on December 5. Liberty Square was decorated for Fall and will soon get a Christmas make-over. The greenspace was also freshly mowed and looked well kept. During the summer, the flower boxes uptown get watered daily to add a little beautification to Main Street. All these things get done by volunteers, someone taking time out of their day to maintain our community. There’s many more things that get done that don’t show up in the boxscore, as we would say in sports. I want to say thank you to those that get those little things done. You are appreciated. This past week we made a few big announcements as a Chamber. Starting Thanksgiving weekend we will be bringing back the Shop Walnut punch cards. These cards can be used throughout town at our Chamber members for retail purchases. Fill up a card and drop it off at the Village of Walnut payment dropbox and we will be doing two drawings (December 12 and 19) at 11 a.m. announcing winners of Walnut Chamber gift certificates in the amounts of $100 and $50 each time. We want to encourage you to shop Walnut this holiday season. Also, the Christmas Open House schedule for December 5th is out! Events planned: Vendor Show at the Community Building (9:30-12:30), Z&She’s Dancers doing a Living Window at the old Pass it Along Building (9:30-1:00), Hayrack Rides by ABC Construction & Renovation (10-12), Santa will be at Liberty Square (10-12), Christmas Ornament Craft Station at Konz (10:30-12:30). Plus, Cows Coffee will be in town, Konz will be having a Cook-Out with Pork Chops and Hot Dogs (11-12:30), and look for specials at our businesses throughout the day. Finally, former Walnut resident Matt Eckberg has released a song called “My Hometown” that is dedicated to Walnut. It’s a great song and is available to purchase three different ways: 1) You can download at Bandcamp 2) It will be available to purchase at Walnut Acres Country Store and Avanti Foods starting on Small Business Saturday on November 28; 3) The Embroidery Shop will be launching an online store with My Hometown shirts also starting on November 28. The funds from the song/CD purchases will help fund Walnut’s 150th celebration 2022. The shirt sales will go to the Walnut Chamber of Commerce as we try to recoup some lost money from 2020. That’s it for this week. Remember to shop Walnut whenever you can!

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