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The Walnut Fire Department needs your help

Another beautiful morning here at 110 Clark. The sunshine will take over again today and it has certainly been one of the best fall seasons we have experienced in many years. Lots of construction and updates going on here in town. The farmers, I believe, are very happy with our harvest and pricing of our crop. Enjoy it while we can. Businesses are hiring and growing here in town, and there are some major investments in new and existing business. Even though we are experiencing the continuance of the Covid Virus, the anticipation of the holidays and better times are certainly in the forefront of our thoughts.

With all that being said, we have a major challenge in our community that could rapidly grow into a devastating situation that no one wants to see. I am speaking of the lack of volunteers for our great Walnut Fire Department and EMT responders.

People, we will be in trouble very soon if the numbers needed for our department don’t increase. It’s just that simple. This is not only a real danger for our town and surrounding area, but a danger to the men and women that are on the department. Please think, what if you called with an emergency and no one responded, or at best 30 minutes plus away????? This is real people, it is serious.

The Walnut Fire department has always been the true pride of Walnut, Illinois. The department is well respected around the entire Sauk Valley area. We are blessed to have certified EMT’s that are absolutely the best of trained personnel. These people of the Walnut Fire Department and Rescue are the true meaning of a team. A team that is on call 24 -7 with the best of equipment and knowledge of how to use it.

According to Paul Dietz, the current chief, they are looking for men and women age 19 and over. Yes. I did say women. There are several ladies involved with the department and EMT force. Every member of the department goes through training and regulations that not only keeps them and their equipment safe, but leaves them being as effective as possible. This department has to run as a well-oiled machine to accomplish the best of outcomes to every call regardless of its intensity. If you choose to explore the possibility of joining the force, it will be one of the best decisions of your life. It is truly a commendable choice, and will be a rewarding experience to give back to the town.

Parents, spouse’s, employers, please have discussions with your people. Encourage, talk about it, consider the dedication it will take from all involved. Yes, it can be an interruption to your personal life. Yes, it can be an interruption to your career and work life. Yes, you will learn some of the best of skills and life skills that can be acquired anywhere at no cost to you except your valuable time. Please give this serious consideration. Talk to your family and employer. Talk to the people that are on the Department at the present time, and ask them real questions. I assure you, giving yourself to this call will be one of the best and most rewarding for both you and your community.

If you would be willing to join, please contact 815-379-2341 or for an application. Thank you for consideration.

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