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We are planning a multi-purpose venue that will become the focal point of Main Street, welcoming everyone as they make the curve into downtown Walnut.

NOTE: Drawing is a render of the project and not the exact design. Design is subject to change. 


Liberty Square, at the heart of downtown Walnut, will include a multi-use facility with room for both a stage area as well as seating or gathering space, along with enough green space for lawn type events as well.  The back portion of the pavilion will serve very well for setting up staging if needed, while the open front portion will allow for ample seating or other uses.


Planned uses for Liberty Square include:

  • Fall Fest On Main

  • Community Theatre  

  • Class Reunions

  • Friday Night Bands

  • Outdoor Weddings 

  • Sesquicentennial Events

  • Farmers Markets

  • Community Events 

  • Corporate Gatherings



On June 21, 2018, a 100+ year-old historic building came down in Walnut, Illinois. The building originally started to decline after a storm with high winds hit Walnut on July 23, 2017. The southside of the building started to collapse and Liberty Street had to be shut down for a year for the safety of the citizens of our town. After analyzing the damage, it was determined by the Village the building would be too costly to repair and the decision was made to tear down the building and rebuild the property on Liberty and Main. 


Your donation to Walnut Main Street Revitalization, a 501(c)(3), will help Walnut achieve the vision of Liberty Square. 


All donations are appreciated and will be recognized.  Donations at or above levels of $1000 (bronze), $5000 (silver), and $20,000 (gold) will be permanently displayed on Liberty Square for generations to come.

Offline donations can be sent to PO Box 444, Walnut, Illinois 61376

or dropped off at Citizens First State Bank in Walnut


Liberty Square is a consolidated effort from the Village of Walnut, Working on Walnut, Main Street Revitalization and the Walnut Park District

Questions? Contact us at

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