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The Walnut Chamber of Commerce has a legacy of providing for not only the businesses of Walnut but also the citizens of our community. We empower entrepreneurs and businesses with resources and opportunities because we believe that, in doing so, our village will thrive in unimaginable ways.


When it comes to Walnut, we mean business.


Our mission is simple: Take a leadership role in promoting Walnut, through active civic participation, to enhance our economic well-being and improve our business climate.


As advocates for local business, the Walnut Chamber of Commerce fosters development of our community by creating a positive environment for collaboration and community social responsibility (CSR).


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Annual dues are utilized for programs and promotions strategically designed to educate and inspire local business owners and employees, while also encouraging engagement with the citizens of Walnut. Cost for annual membership is dependent upon company sizing as follows:


2024 Membership Cost

1-2 employees :: $65

3-6 employees :: $90

7-14 employees :: $145

15-30 employees :: $175

31+ employees :: $250


Unlike most Chambers of Commerce, the Walnut Chamber of Commerce also offers individual memberships for community members. We feel this unique inclusion gives our businesses critical insight to consumer needs, interests and expectations. It also recognizes our community members for their valuable perspective in cultivating business in Walnut. Cost for individual annual membership is as follows:


2024 Membership Cost

Individual :: $25

Couple :: $40


Each year the Chamber is committed to projects that will promote and grow Walnut.


Have questions? Contact us today at +1 (815) 866-9352!

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