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Chamber Corner: Graduation, Monthly Meeting, Walnut Days

I want to start this week by congratulating all of our area graduates. Whether you are graduating Jr. High, High School or even College, I wish you luck on the next step of your life.

One thing to mention as it relates to school and business is that I was impressed with the new Co-Op program that Bureau Valley High School introduced this year. This program gives students an opportunity to spend half the day in the classroom and half the day in the workforce. I believe TCI was one of the participating businesses this year. If there were any other Walnut businesses that participated I would be curious to hear your thoughts from the business side of it.

We had our monthly Chamber meeting last week and we discussed our normal Chamber business as well as Walnut Days and Fall Fest on Main. We already had some vendors inquire about participating in Fall Fest this year and we have discussed some new events for 2019. I’m excited to really dig into the planning again this year. Out of respect for Walnut Days and the promotion and hype it deserves, we won’t make any announcements about Fall Fest until after the Celebration is over. Until then make sure you follow Walnut Fall Fest on Main on Facebook or check out our website at

Speaking of the Celebration, consider making a donation or contribution to the Walnut Days Committee. You can do this by purchasing a golf cart ticket, a 50/50 ticket, duck race ticket, or by purchasing Queen of Hearts tickets which are drawn every Saturday at Harry’s Pub in Ohio. You can also simply make a donation to the group or put money in the bucket before the fireworks. A lot of expenses go into making it a great event. Let’s continue to support it.

As we approach nicer weather, have you purchased your golf course membership yet? Check out or stop in to the clubhouse to check out their member rates. I will say they are VERY affordable for a full year of golfing.

That’s it for this week. Shop Walnut whenever you can!

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