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Chamber Corner: Membership, Banquet and WOW

The month of March for the Walnut Chamber of Commerce means finishing up our Membership Drive and making plans for this year’s Chamber Banquet. Planning for both are going very strong.

The goal is to have all the membership renewals completed by the end of the month, but we will always take memberships throughout the year. We offer membership options to individuals as well as businesses. Individual memberships show that community members believe in what the Chamber is doing and having pride in our community, because there really is not a return on their investment. We appreciate those that support the Chamber and help with events throughout the year.

Business memberships, as well as sponsorships throughout the year, are also greatly appreciated. As I’ve said in recent columns we will do everything we can to help promote your business. We want to thank the many businesses that provide groups or individuals to help at events like Walnut Days and Fall Fest. We also have businesses represented on our Chamber Board, as well as being present at our monthly meetings. We welcome your ideas as we are always looking for new ways to move Walnut forward and make an attractive place to live and visit. The Chamber is currently working on new and innovative ways to promote our town. Stay tuned.

We invite you to our Banquet on April 1st at Konz Restaurant & Lounge. I’m very excited for this evening. We have a great speaker lined up in Senator Weaver as well as some deserving individuals for our awards during the evening. Dan and Lisa Koning and their staff always do a great job with the meal at our Banquets. The Banquet starts at 6 p.m. and you can make your reservation now by e-mailing me at

Finally, I just want to mention that Working on Walnut (WOW) recently celebrated two years as an organization. Lots of progress has been made in those two years due to a lot of people donating their time to make Walnut a better place to live. WOW has some very exciting things they are working towards in the future. We welcome you to be a part of it.

Remember this week to shop Walnut whenever you can.

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