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Chamber Corner: Giving Thanks

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and an opportunity to reflect on the things we are thankful for. Here are a few things I am thankful for as I look at our town.

I’m thankful for our Park District.

I’m thankful for a well-stocked and well-run Library in town.

I’m thankful for our Fire and Police Departments.

I’m thankful for our industry in town that employs a lot of people within Walnut and outside the village limits.

I’m thankful for our beautiful Veteran’s Memorial.

I’m thankful for Retail in town. We can reflect on the empty buildings, but we have a lot of great stores for a town of 1500.

I’m thankful for all those who volunteer in town. Like I’ve mentioned in my recent columns. Volunteers are essential to a community. If you’ve helped in any capacity the past year, you are appreciated.

I’m thankful we have a Grocery Store again.

I’m thankful we have a Golf Course.

I’m thankful for our school in town and our great teachers.

I’m thankful for our great nursing home and assisted living in town.

I’m thankful for the churches in town.

Most of all. I’m thankful for the people of Walnut. When the WOW committee first formed, one of the exercises we did in our first session was answering what we liked most about our community. It was almost unanimous “the people”.

Don’t forget our Christmas Open House is this Saturday. Come out and support businesses and enjoy the activities.

Have a great week and shop Walnut.

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