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Observing Easter

We have all heard, that the weather straightens out after Easter. Let’s hope so, the farmers are certainly getting the “itch”. Not only Farmers, but people that want to work in their yards and flower beds. Last week was very wet, very cold.

This is Holy week, the week of the Easter observation. I think in some ways, the thought of the weather getting better after Easter, and what the Easter observation represents certainly makes sense. With Holy week upon us, the Christian Faith assures us that a new and better time is open to all of us. I believe, that a lot of people look at Spring as that better time and look forward to a new time of the year. We all have the opportunity to look at our lives, and ask how can we do better? How has, or does our Faith affect our everyday life to do better? In my world, my Faith is in the forefront of my life. I cannot imagine life without it. I certainly hope the majority of the people reading this feel the same way, it is a blessing. With Holy week upon us, and the opportunity to observe the basics of the Christian Faith, we take advantage of the celebration. Walnut has 6 churches of worship for the Christian Faith. I want to invite you on behalf of the Ministers of Walnut to attend services this week. It is especially important to include your children in the celebration of the Easter holiday. Take them to your church, explain the Easter observation, and make it a day of the family. It’s pretty important to all concerned, and yes, the weather does look good for the week to come.

The monthly Chamber meeting will be this Tuesday night at the Walnut Country Club. We invite our board and members to attend and participate. Come have a Taco, and join in to all that the Chamber has going on. This time of year, we are planning events, both fun and good for our town. Be a part of it.

The final Mapping meeting will be this Thursday night. A great deal of information and ideas have been exchanged. New people for committees and leadership of those committees are being established. After this meeting, and a couple of Months to put goals and groups together, we will invite all to a town meeting. Right now, it is being discussed as a June gathering. Stay tuned. One more thing, if you are asked to participate in a certain part or plan, take that offer seriously. It is time we get some things done here in Walnut, this is an opportunity.

This past couple of weeks, I notice on social media, that TCI is aggressively seeking employees. This is a good sign of the progress by this great company. TCI, located on the West end of Walnut is a company that is selling its products on a worldwide basis. If you are looking for a job, or better yet a career in manufacturing some of the best heavy equipment in the world contact TCI. I know Michael and Jack will be interested in talking to you. TCI, thanks for being in Walnut.

I am about out of room, but I have to make a couple of comments on the referendum. First, I am disappointed that it did not pass. There are many reasons for that. Also, I have learned a lot about the power of Social Media and its effect on people and what they are offered. A lot of comments about the tool that it is, but I will continue the High Road. That being said, one of the last comments came Wednesday. Josh Egan had a very sensible as well as powerful post. Thank you, Josh, your comments were quite frankly in my mind the most sensible and truthful of this entire experience. It has been an experience.

Lastly, you know I make comments and accolades toward people that have made an impact on the town or my life, as life passes by. This week is one of those. I lost my friend Kevin Larkey this past week. Kevin was in his middle 50’s, and has struggled with the effects of Hodgkin’s disease treatment from many years ago. This past week, those effects from the treatment won. Kevin was not a major figure in town, did not belong to a lot of clubs, and certainly did not spew a lot of comments in the Leader every week. Kevin was a good guy. One of the best things I can say about him, and he will appreciate this, he was one of the best farmers in our area. Kevin took pride in not only the work and success of a good crop, but his equipment, farm steads, conservation practices, and overall success and presentation of his operation every day. Kevin was good to his Landlords, the John Bolz family, and the Gordon Matthew’s family were a priority for him and his operation. Don Francis worked with Kevin for many years, and helped Kevin greatly over the past couple of years as his health got worse. I tell you, Kevin and Donny were more brothers than employer and employee. I know how much Kevin valued Donny, his friendship and loyalty. If you all know Donny, he is a valuable unique individual that has a heart of Gold. Finally, the outgoing good things Kevin did in his life. His farming, Oliver machinery and his Motorcycle were a passion. He would travel far and wide to look at a picker or old tractor that many would have junked. He invited the school kids at BVN as well as the Bureau Valley FFA to participate in the bi-annual picking show at the Bolz farm. In the last few years, he took on fund raising for the St. Jude hospitals. He would go on rides, as well as work on fund raisers to help raise monies for the St. Jude Children’s efforts. Kevin knew how important research was to many young people, and he put his time and money where his mouth was. He will be missed; my prayer is that St. Jude will greet him at the Gates, and welcome him in. Take care my friend, hope Talbot and Roy Armour will be there to greet you as well as the Saints.

Have a good week people. Get yourself and the kids to Easter services. Thanks for your efforts. Buy a building.

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