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Chamber Corner: Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring were very evident this past week. Far more robins in the area for being this early. Lots of traffic going in and out of the new Park District area. The gates to the Ross pit were not open, but that did not seem to stop the young anglers from dropping lines in the fresh cold waters. I have heard the fishing is pretty good out there, but, that could be a fish story as well. Traveling to Sterling a week ago Sunday morning, it was easy to see the Moto – Cross bikers coming to Sunset Ridge to do a few practice laps. Gabe and I got a kick out of being able to predict where literally every truck, trailer or van were going that we met on the road. Jan and Bob must have had a full day with all the bikers coming to the sand hills South of Normandy for a day of fun. The Pistole’s have a great business in Sunset Ridge MX, it brings lots of families to our area, as well as the thrill of competitive racing. The Ross Pit at the Walnut Park district, as well as Sunset Ridge are just two examples of the assets we have in our Walnut area that bring fun and quality of life to our town. Help yourself people.

The final meeting for the Mapping steering committee was held last week as well. Response to the project was nothing short of great. It looks like there will be around 70 people joining the Mapping group. Our first gathering will be this Thursday evening at the community building. The mission of the group, will be to listen to and gather ideas that could bring improvements to our town. Ideas and meetings are a good start. It will be actions and hard work that will actually yield results. It is the purpose of this Strategic plan to make that happen.

Have you heard there is a school referendum coming to be voted on? There are many opinions, on what is best for the students, district, and yes, the towns involved. One web site has been created, that seems to offer some good information, as well as sources to back up the information. The group has put together a web site for viewing, . There is a great deal of information to help inform voters on what the referendum is, as well as the results of both a yes vote or a no vote. There are sites that reveal studies on busing and its expense, class size, as well as Impact on communities and property values. As a voter, you have the option to gather information from this site, and or from other groups with different ideas. This is what makes America great. Be informed, be engaged.

This week is the final week before the Chamber banquet. Get your reservations in, it is a simple as stopping into the Village office and telling the girls you are coming, and how many with you. You will have to pay water bills this week, Tiffany and Autumn greatly enjoy you coming in. I can tell there is a certain response when I walk in. So, tell the girls you are coming, or give Brent a call at 815-866-9352. The banquet should be a nice evening of information as well as fellowship.

That’s it for this week. Lots of people getting home from Winter retreats and trips. It fun to see the sun tans on faces coming back to reality. It seems, everyone comes home with not only tans, but smiles on faces as well. It’s good to be in Walnut. Hey!! Its St. Patrick’s Day this week, do not drink the Green Beer!! Drink good beer, eat corned beef and cabbage, wear some green beads. Enjoy family and friends, toast the Irish, chase the snakes out of Walnut. Have a good week people, buy a building, shop Walnut whenever you can.

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