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Chamber Corner: Observations on a Thursday morning

Getting the day started in Walnut, is always an interesting site if you are out and about in the morning. Last Thursday was no exception. I was getting fuel at Pit Stop, after stopping at Express Lane for some other supplies. I had made a visit to two of our important business’s before 7 a.m. V&C boys were at Brad’s getting supplies, Rollo Construction boys were out and about as well. It was interesting to hear and see notes being compared for the day and what each team had going.

Then I see a truck from Walnut Custom Components go by with another load of building for somewhere. Less than a couple of minutes later, Allan Carlson from ABC Construction goes by on his way to the morning project. All of these major businesses of Walnut all gathered within a half hour of time. All of the guys it takes to get business started for the day. The planning it takes to get the business started for the day. The amount of monies spent in town to get the crews out of town for the day. All of this is commerce we don’t realize how it is affected in a positive way by just traffic flow. Morning routine of so many people depend upon our local business to get them started in the morning.

Look at the people at the Walnut Café and Konz restaurant that start the day with breakfast or just coffee. All of these are positives for what Walnut has to offer. Walnut has and enjoys good traffic flow that brings people and business to our town. The Bureau Valley North school generates very important traffic flow to complement our town and businesses. If you don’t think the school’s presence affects the profits of local business, ask the owner / managers what they think.

Bottom line all of our businesses including the school drives traffic around each and every business. We are all important to each other. Support all of our businesses, but this week, think about how lucky we are to have all of the construction supply and building talent in our town. It’s time to start looking at that Summer building project. I know crews are getting booked and you people do not want to take a chance of not building the new addition or patio. You deserve it, and using Walnut talent and supplies to build is a good thing. Keep your building dollars in town.

Last Wednesday night, the Celebration committee / July 4th committee met up town. It was well advertised, and the need was and is there for new help and blood for the different committees. I was unable to attend, but I got a phone call from a longtime volunteer of the celebration. His comment to me, “we had so much new help offered, I almost cried”. He was very grateful to all that had come forward to offer help and ideas. The Walnut July 4th celebration is well known throughout Northern Illinois for its great show of Fireworks, as well as overall celebration. The celebration does not just happen it takes big bucks, and even bigger and better volunteers. I want thank all of those that put in countless hours, and invite all to attend the next meeting for the celebration. There is always notice in the Leader, as well as a Walnut celebration Facebook page. It is good to see our longtime celebration is secured again for another year. Thank you people.

I am sure you get tired of me repeating things in this article. That being said, this time of year with membership and banquet upcoming it takes gentle reminders to people. We need to get our membership secured, and most importantly our banquet plans finalized. I think our banquet will once again prove very worthwhile, and we invite you to attend. That’s it for this week people. Lots going on in town. Join a committee, buy a building, volunteer for a great service organization in town. I know the Rotary has a very cool program and breakfast coming up on March 11. Ask a Rotarian about what they have planned, and attend. Help yourself and always help your community. Shop Walnut, Thanks for your efforts.

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