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Chamber Corner: Thanksgiving, Christmas Open House and BV schools

Thanksgiving week is upon us. Many people traveling, and enjoying the very unseasonal weather. Kids coming home from college, looking forward to a few days of R&R, getting some mom laundry and home cooking consumed in hopes of surviving till Christmas break. There will be many surprises, as well as happy reunions. New friends, welcome Daniel, you are in for a treat. New babies will be celebrating their first Thanksgiving with very happy and grateful family, as well as babies that were new last year. Take time to call loved ones that cannot be with you and family during the celebration. That call will make a difference to all concerned. Most of all the few day Thanksgiving celebration give us all a time to reflect and give thanks for all we have. Take time to give back, and take time to reflect on your blessings.

Get that house ready for Holiday Company!!! Walnut is very blessed with events and business’s that can help with that task. There are two upcoming events this weekend. Walnut Chamber will be offering and celebrating the yearly Holiday open house. The event is in this week’s leader, with itinerary and times. A kick off to the open house includes a pancake breakfast provided by the BV. North Jr. High to help with Washington DC trip later this year. As far as decorating the home, there will be a vendor fair at the community building as well. Donna Peterson will have her annual Open house with lots of decorating options and ideas. Donna has posters around town, as well as ad in Leader to guide you to her house. The 3 Walnut business that can help you with your decorating, are Avanti’s, Adrian Lind’s shop located in Country Cutter shop, as well as Garden&Greens on Main street. All 3 of these business’s will have great items and ideas to help with your impressing the relatives as they come enjoy your hospitality. Do yourself a favor, and stop into any of these 3 businesses’ over the next few weeks and take advantage of what they have to offer. SHOP WALNUT WHENEVER YOU CAN! One last thing about shopping and events for this coming weekend. You will see the Shop Small posters as well as Shop Small promotion in the Leader this week. This is a promotion that is offered around the country by American Express. It is important to shop in smaller shops and business when possible. Not only local employment, and sales tax revenue, but the local pride of having retail in your town. No soap box today people, just the comment and reminder, we need and appreciate all of the entrepreneurs and risk takers in our town. From haircuts, to the best of Cheese and gifts, to service stations, to a very good Hardware store, to NEW F-150’s, to eateries, and flowers, Walnut has “stuff “to offer. Promote it and support it. Know that, your local Chamber and its members are not only promoting but searching for more retail opportunities every day.

A little school business this week as well. There will be the monthly BV school board meeting this week on Tuesday. Everyone is encouraged to attend. There will be discussion concerning the Spring referendum, as well as opinion from the public on proposed changes to buildings and locations. There are some very important discussions going on that can and will affect our students, district, taxes, and communities. Be informed, and engaged.

Time to get started on the day, just a couple of thoughts. Many good things in our small town. On the other hand, there are many improvements and opportunities out there yet. It is all of our responsibility to be involved in always improving our community and way of life. This week, reflect on what you have. Whether it is business, employment, family, or most importantly Faith, be thankful for these blessings. Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving Holiday. Shop Walnut whenever you can, thanks for all of your efforts.

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