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Chamber Corner: Chamber meeting, BV schools and 50/50 ticket sales

Friday morning, waiting for Rob and Koser to get here to hang new ceiling fans and new porch lights. These boys do a lot of electric work around Walnut, and do it well. Not only do they take care of homes, farm, and local business, they give back to the community. Steve and his crew hang our business banners on main street and around town. Not only do they hang and take down the banners, they make sure things are in good repair, and put into storage. This past October Koser met with the Fall Festival committee, and Bruce Atherton, and made it happen to have all the power needed to put on the Festival, as well as provide the equipment and wiring for events in the future. Atherton’s were good enough to not only provide the coal yard for the event, but the power to run the needed equipment. Again, as in so many cases, this is an example of how two business’s step up to make good things happen in Walnut. Nobody does it better than the people we have here. Nobody. Taking chances and responsibility is what we do, and what we should do.

Chamber meeting this coming Tuesday night. We will meet at Green River Country Club at 7 p.m. Come have a taco and participate in the meeting. Discussion on Holiday open house will be the main part of the meeting. Plans are under way to have the Christmas open house on Saturday November 26. More details next week, and I am sure Angie will have promotion in the Leader.

More Bureau Valley news as well. There was a meeting last week in Wyanet, and will be another this Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. Building repairs, Learning center locations, and other topics of discussion. These meetings involve all of us, whether you know it or not. Do not be unaware of what is going on around us. Talk to your board members, teachers and administrators. These people are the ones involved every day, and certainly have good information. Ultimately, decisions are and should be made according to what is best for students, staff, and future of all communities and taxpayers. Make sure you know what all is going on. Meeting at Rick Rediger’s shop on West side of Wyanet.

That’s it, this week, stop into one of our financial institutions and check out savings or CD rates. While you are there at First federal, or Citizens First State Bank pick up a few books of 50/50 raffle tickets. Talk about a new building or remodel loan. These great businesses have money to lend, it’s what they do!! While having these discussions, throw in an “Oh by the way, I need a few books of the 50/50 tickets”. It is just the thing to do these days. OK, that’s enough, lets get started on the day. Besides, Koser and Rob are here, we have to feed them before they work. Have a great week people, shop Walnut whenever you can, thanks for your efforts.

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