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It's Friday morning, August 5, and I'm writing this document just before leaving for St. Louis to go see the Cardinal’s play. Yes, there are a few very dedicated Cardinal fans in this community. We are proud people, even though we are few. Yes, we are 8 out behind the Cub’s right now, but there is a lot of baseball to play. Always a nice trip down the river to a fun city with lots to see and do.

This week on Wednesday night I encourage all to look at going to Princeton to listen to one of our State Senator’s. Chuck Weaver is offering a town hall meeting to talk about the State budget and other concerns of the State of Illinois. The meeting is at the Prouty building at 6:30 PM. With the mess we have in this state, it would be a good thing to go at least hear what he will offer. Complacence is part of what got us in this bad state of affairs. It happens in many levels of government. Help yourself people, no one else is going to.

Fall Festival plans are well under way. A good sized group met last Tuesday evening. There is a calendar of events for the day being created, and people are stepping up to offer ideas as well as their help. This one day event is being planned around family activities, events on main street, music, and Main street Fall decorations. The date is Saturday October 8, for most of the day and evening. Watch for more details, should be a fun day for all that want to be included. The next meeting will be August 16, at Konz.

One of the things I try to do, is to recognize the business members within Chamber. We have many valuable members that do not have store fronts. These are people that have business at home or within other business. All of these business offer service or goods for our community, and I certainly encourage all of us to support these business’s as well. One example is Patricia Puckett Photography. Patricia offers all services of photography for families and business. You can contact Patricia at 815-876-7514. Kurt Peterson has painting services. Kurt has been painting inside and out for many years in the Walnut area, and does a great job. You can reach Kurt at 815-379-9216. Adrian Lind has many of her Walnut House offerings and more at the Country Cutter on the West side of town. With Ann Von Holten having her salon services, and Adrian having special things for your home, it is worth stopping in or making an appointment. If a Chamber business has 1 employee, or 60, each and every one offer value to our community. Support them, as they support us.

Most of you know, I like to walk. Be it for watering flowers uptown, exercise, or just observation and therapy. In the mornings, it’s the ladies up here on the hill, and a couple of small groups. During the day, it’s the hard core 8 mile group. In the evenings, it’s the young people and couples. It is very rewarding to see young couples pushing the strollers with their young. All of these groups are proving we are alive and well in Walnut. People enjoy being outside with each other rather than sitting at home watching Wheel of Fortune or the Bachelor! There is a song from a CD that I was introduced to. “Walk beside me, be the true friend I need”. I see a lot of true friends out there, enjoy the privilege of having them with you. Good Job people. Time for my morning walk. Have a good week, Shop Walnut whenever you can. Thanks for your efforts.

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