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The Dog Days of Summer

As I came home last night, and entered the village, it was easy to see there was not as much activity as there has been over the last few weeks. Was it the heat, or just the fact that Summer is winding down already? Where has the Summer gone? This is the last Corner for July already. My tomatoes are beginning to yield, and the Dahl kids have great Sweet corn being sold at the Dahl Realty building. As I came up the hill, it was very easy to see lights on only one Ball diamond. Summer is winding down already. Signs of Fall in and around Walnut are very easily seen, as the farmers have the planters put away, and the Combines are starting to appear in the yards for cleaning and minor repairs. The Ariel sprayers are out and going early in the morning, and the kids detassling crews are staring to work shorter hours as they complete the task. I think it has been a good Summer, let’s make sure we make the best of the rest of the season. Get to the Walnut Park district Swimming pool and enjoy the cooling waters of the pool. Before you know it, there will be snow in it instead.

Very good meeting of the Walnut Chamber this past Tuesday. We started the meeting enjoying Taco’s at the Green River Country club. Service was good, and the price was right. The Country club offers this meal on Tuesday nights, go and enjoy. I digress. We opened the meeting with a report from the different committees from the July 4th celebration. We had reports from the parade, 3on3 tournament, celebrations committee, 5K run, Polaris Raffle, the car show and Chamber dinner. All reports and committee members were very positive, and are looking forward to an even better July 4th celebration next year. Next on the meeting, was the Main street committee report. There is progress being made on the Peerless property, and there was discussion concerning the Epperson building being offered for the back taxes, as well as many questions concerning the other properties on South Main. Brent Jamison reported that the Main Street sign and façade application is on the Chamber web site. Businesses that are Chamber members, are encouraged to apply for this Grant. This is a program that promotes not only signage, but instills pride in your building. Go to the Chamber web site for applications. The final portion of the meeting was dedicated to a renewed idea of a Walnut Fall Festival. I am very proud of the cast of members presenting a plan for a one-day celebration in October to kick off a major town wide project, as well as a family day of fun. I can tell you, we will meet again at the Country Club on August 2 at 7 p.m. for more details. There is a Facebook page put together for information, and lots of conversation. Come joins us with your ideas.

I have to close my note this week with recognition of the loss of a great Walnut area citizen, that I certainly include on my Walnut hero list. Gordy Dahl passed away last week. Gordy was one of the first farmers I met when I moved here almost 50 years ago. I went to school with the Dahl kids, and very much admired Gordy and Betty for all they did on a quite basis within the community. Gordy would swagger into Normandy elevator after loading another load of corn bound for the River in one of Floyd Gustafson’s trucks. Gordy always had a comment or a jab to Hoyt or Art. Gordy always had a smile or that Dahl smirk on his face. Gordy was road commissioner along with Bob Johnson in Greenville township. A thankless job to say the least. During the awful winter of 78-79, Gordy had 3 girls waiting to have babies in January and February. He and Johnson worked very hard to keep the roads open so those new moms could get to the hospital when Nature called. Gordy and Betty were very kind and generous to both my mom and dad in time of need. This duo is truly a Walnut success story in many ways. Please remember Betty and family in your thoughts and prayers. Gordy has gone home with John Carpenter plotting their next prank. That’s it people, have a good week. Shop Walnut whenever you can.

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