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Take a walk around Walnut

One of the best things of Spring and Summer weather, are the walks. Early morning, or during the day, it is total enjoyment to lace up the Keens and get outside. Most mornings I will circle the house and give everyone a drink or pull a weed or two. There are always adjustments to do to a pot, or just survey the area. My neighbor Tom does a great job with his yard, and keeps me challenged to keep the mower going to have my yard look as good.

So then, you are off on the adventure. Briskly past the same houses as yesterday, and deciding which way to go at the intersections. This past Wednesday morning I stopped at the Hardware store, then across the street to thank Becky planting flowers in front of the library. Then moved on to Senior citizens building for a haircut. This is a great service provided by the “Loop” barbers from Rock Falls. Brian was the barber of the morning, and I enjoyed visiting with him and Lavern Johnson. While Lavern and I farmed and reminisced Brian patiently cut my hair and I am sure smiled with approval. I then proceeded North to Garden & Greens to visit the girls and get my fix seeing my Granddaughter. After short visit on to the bank and Post Office. Crossing the street to Post office, it is always good to see Darri Dahl and gleaning his morning wisdom or comments. Darrel and Tyler Hansen share the Walnut Plaza building providing both Real Estate and Country Companies services. Both of these home town success stories are good young men that provide the best of service and opportunities to our locals. Again, I have to point out, that these kind of business not only provide from the business side, but also donate time and monies to many charities in town. Shop local people!

One of the new opportunities we are going to enjoy here in town is the opening of the Ross property by the Walnut Park district. New signs are up, and the gates are open. Do yourself a favor, and make this new asset of Walnut a part of your morning walk. There are other proposed opportunities for walkers coming within our Part district, but for now enjoy this great opportunity for your exercise routine.

I was lucky enough to attend a Main Street committee meeting Thursday evening. There is a gathering of about 8 people beginning to talk about a plan to present concerning Main street improvements. This committee is presently put together with volunteers and members of different organizations in town. There will be many months of planning and gathering information before any shovels, backhoes, or dozers are summoned. A main plan for what the area will look like, and some form of financial planning will need to be in place as this all takes place. I want to remind everyone, this is going to take time and efforts of cooperation from all concerned to make these improvements. Main street represents our town and is what people see as they travel through. Please consider what you can do to help make this project a success. Village board has stepped up to accept this project. This kind of project can and probably will define what Walnut will be in the future. It is all of our responsibility to take part in a positive way and support the effort. Your support is appreciated.

Time to start the day, have you got your team put together for the Green River golf outing? If you don’t play golf, at least go out and make a donation toward the effort. The country club is hosting an outing to support the finances of the July 4th fireworks. The event is open to all that want to come out and enjoy the day and be a part of the fund raiser. Call the green River country club, sign up a team, or sponsor a hole for this June 11 event. Thank you to the members of the club that are supporting this effort. Have a good week people. Let’s choose to shop in Walnut whenever we can. Thanks for your efforts.

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