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Welcome to the neighborhood

Beautiful Spring morning, with lots of sounds and signs of the season. We have new neighbors this week, both across the street and in this house as well. It’s great to see the new boys playing ball in the cul-de-sac and bringing even more life to our nice neighborhood. I have the honor of having my Aunt and Uncle moving here to Walnut. Joe and Judy Kelly are originally from Kirksville, Missouri and Joe is my Mom’s brother. These two wonderful people have been and continue to be very important to my brothers and sisters, as well as all of our family. Its good they are here, please welcome them as you see them out and about.

Farmers market was Wednesday afternoon. I believe I saw 4 vendors on the lawn. Plants, crafts, food, there was a nice display, come out and support these good people and see what they have to offer. More goods coming as gardens progress. Wednesday afternoons, 2 to 6 PM. Be there. Come to town, go to the Farmer’s Market, stay for dinner. Any of our 3 downtown restaurants will welcome you and your business. After dinner, stop down to Mama T’s and get ice cream. Not a bad evening. Enjoy it in Walnut.

Flower boxes are out, I have a couple more to put around, but they will be there. Kim Dietz and the Cub scouts will get them planted in the next couple of weeks. Patience people, patience. We will get them planted very soon. I appreciate the people that help weed and water. I appreciate the water provided by the business on main street. It is a group effort by all concerned for the betterment of our town.

Short note this week, I did want to include the elephant in the room, it is appropriate to do at this time. Last Monday night, the Village of Walnut board, had discussion over the purchase of the Peerless property. The board had voted to purchase the property; I am sure the Leader has more info in this paper. Regardless of individual feelings of caution or concern, the vote stands. It is now time to bond together and make this improvement happen. Will there be hurdles, yes. Will there be expense? Yes. Anything good takes time and more importantly dedication. I ask all citizens to look at the prospect of this project and what it means to not only Main street, but our entire village. Be aggressive people, make this happen and begin the renewal of Main street. Offer help and positive reaction now is the time. I want to thank Village board for accepting this responsibility and what it means to all. Good Job. Have a great week people, shop Walnut whenever you can. Thanks for your efforts.

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