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Happy Leap Day!

Good Morning from the once every 4 years Leap Year Chamber Corner! Pretty exciting huh? If I were you, I would absolutely wrap this paper up and save for posterity. OK, maybe not, but I just wonder where we will be the next time Leap Year rolls around. Where will we be? How much of that decision depends on You? Enjoy that thought for today.

This morning, as I am putting together info and comments for the Corner, it dawned on me how much I referred to social media to just get ideas and info for today. As most of you know, we are living in times of instant information, messaging to friends, News of the day, photos from loved ones taken thousands of miles away, and delivered in a heartbeat. Great gratification for any Grandparent. There are good things, and there are very bad things out there. Both can, and will affect us every day. My point is, always know and protect yourself from the hazards of instant information. On a lighter, yet very sad note, look at the political spot light we are being exposed to these days. We are supposed to be studying and considering candidates for our new President. Instead, we are exposed to the circus that is being deemed an election. The point is, we do not have to watch the circus, we can gather and watch any part of the “debate” at any time of day, from anywhere. We can do our banking on line, pay bills, and make deposits without leaving our easy chair. On the negative, there are very smart people out there that can end our financial plan, again instantly. Last point, by far the most important. Protect our children. Every parent should be involved in any and all social media decisions. Ask questions, look at your child’s phone and computer every day. It is somewhat simple, be engaged and show that you are concerned with your child’s on line life. Many very good tools and information out there, just as many tragedies and sad tales. Do this today people, you will not regret this in the long run. I hope there is nothing but good things on that phone or computer.

In the mode of Social Media, marketing is coming to the forefront. I wanted to promote some of our down town business, that use the social media juggernaut to get their message out for all to see. No doubt, any business these days that is interested in growing and tapping that media group has to be involved. This past week, Jeri Zueger from Avanti Foods have Posts On Facebook concerning her new lineup of children’s books. Jeri not only promoted her book lineup, but the fact that these books would be great for Easter Baskets, which I am sure she has other materials as well. I know Sharon, from Garden& Green’s post’s something concerning marketing almost every day. Sharon is able to show how the store goes from one season of promotion to another. All simple, easy to add, change or delete. This is a tool. I see Tyler Hansen and his insurance business on the Chamber Web Site. This tool, Chamber offers to any or all business that have a need to market themselves through our site. The wonder to me, about this tool, anyone, anywhere in the world with internet capability can see and read about Tyler’s business in Walnut, Illinois. This is power. Now, here me when I say, I truly believe we cannot replace our local media with instant media. The Walnut Leader, is a tool as well. Whether it is marketing, local news, organizational news, news from our school system, news from different boards, the Leader fills those gaps. This locally owned and run business, has been and continues to be an intricate part of our community every day. Support them.

That’s it, on my way to BVN to my final exploratory class for the year. Again, this is a tool I have been honored with from the teachers at BVN. Tracey Schoff and her constituents do a great job of offering extra class to the Junior High. I want to thank Mr. Hartz and his class for a great 6 weeks of collaboration with the students. This kind of offering certainly supports our faith in our young people. Good job guys! Good week to all, shop Walnut whenever you can, thanks for all your efforts.

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