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Kicking off 2016

The Walnut Chamber had the 2016 kick-off meeting this past Tuesday evening. Several new ideas came to discussion, as well as discussing the normal business for this time of year. Membership drive is our next project. We will be sending out letters to business and individuals in the next couple of weeks. 2016 will continue to offer and bring opportunity to our village. Chamber certainly invite all who are interested in the bettering of our town in the year and years to come. Small town America is not dead. There are certainly times we think we are dying; it is our choice whether to let that happen or not. If it is an event we do, main street attention, or business promotion, we have room for you to continue your membership or join as a new member. We will be sending letters soon, consider what you can do to expand our goals, and make them happen.

Next on the agenda, was the Banquet. There was discussion on the relevance of this evening. After discussion, all agreed this is a needed evening to gather, share thoughts, and highlight our town for the past year and year to come. It was also voted to have some featured business speak about their business, and what they offer our town. We have a couple of other ideas as well, more to come on those. Our banquet will be March 28 at Konz restaurant. Invitation to the banquet will come along with membership letter, plan on attending. We welcome your participation.

Chamber will begin the hunt for a new part time administrator. This position offers part time work for the person looking to help with Chamber and its everyday needs for administrative duties. If you are interested, please send your resume to Walnut Chamber of Commerce PO Box 56 Walnut, Illinois. We will gather information and interest, and pursue interviews beginning in February. If you are interested in this offering, and you have communication and operational skills including social media and personal, as well as a complete team player, please consider applying for this position. More to come, including an offering in today’s paper.

I had two wonderful and meaningful experience’s last week. First attending the wedding of my cousin in Washington DC. The wedding itself was an experience, not to mention my first trip to the Nation’s capital, in many years. In my opinion, it is almost over whelming to experience just being with in the city itself. Yes, it is impressive to think about all of the work and employment that goes on there to run this great nation. It is also the history, and the stories told within the buildings and memorials. Seeing the words of Jefferson, Lincoln, both Roosevelt president’s and Dr. King’s words engraved into stone was nothing short of amazing. These are reminders of the men that shaped and fought for our country. We also toured the beautiful grounds of the WWII memorial. Words cannot describe your feelings and thoughts of what these men and women went through to fight for all of us. None of us would have had the blessings we enjoy today without the sacrifice they endured.

My second experience came last Saturday at 5:30 Mass at St. John’s here in Walnut. Our family got together and celebrated the Baptism of Granddaughter Dylan into the church. I want to thank Gabe and Sharon for seeing the importance of this ritual and sacrament for their daughter. Patrick and Kelly Lynn stood up as God Parents, and we were very blessed to have Grandma Francis in attendance as well. Over all, two wonderful and meaningful experience for the week. Last thought. Regardless if it is getting that veteran to the WWII memorial, getting a new baby Baptized into the church, or certainly on a lesser note, getting that loved one to the last Eagles concert, do not waste time. None of us know what tomorrow will bring, and life does not always wait for you. Do what is important, and yes responsible to you and your family. Do it today. Thanks for your efforts people.

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