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2016 Goals

Happy New Year Everyone! WOW, where did 2015 go? The New Year is here, ready or not. Any real and achievable New Year resolutions? I think resolutions are a very good thing. They give us goals. Goals are certainly something we all need to employ. Goals keep us focused, goals are good for our young people as something to look forward to that they are responsible for the outcome. Always listen to those that have goals, and encourage them hopefully in the right direction. Do you have goals and resolutions for 2016? Think about it, good luck, stay focused.

As we go into the New Year, I think about the status of where we are in Walnut. No doubt, We have lots of opportunities, as well as duties to our Village and its citizens. When I say We, I mean everyone, yes everyone. I know there is a quote out there about “It takes a Village” but my politics won’t allow me to go there. I look at it, as it is everyone’s responsibility within the village to make things work, and grow. There are many ways we continue to grow, there are many things we need to help us grow. Think about what we have here, and what We all need to work on. The town has great employment, yet we need massive work and or plan on Main Street. We have civic organizations that do a great deal of the heavy lifting to move us forward, and keep the town relevant to all. Yet when I talk to the leaders of these organizations, all are suffering for leadership as well as participation from members. We are blessed with perhaps the best July 4th Celebration in Northern Illinois. It takes thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours to put it all together. This celebration brings 1,000 of people to our town, to see it in its best light. Yet literally all of the committees have to beg for volunteers. Walnut is blessed with perhaps the best of Fire and Rescue service any small town can ask for. It is not hard to see how the equipment and training of our personnel keep Walnut safe all times day and night. Right now, our Fire and Rescue are dangerously low with personnel numbers that will step up and volunteer for this very important assignment. This year, today, think about what you can do in the New Year to help your town and community. There is room for all that have that GOAL to keep Walnut, Illinois moving forward. Please consider what you have to offer to for that goal, and volunteer today.

Chamber will have its first meeting of the year on January 19th. We will meet at Konz at 7PM. Every Chamber member is welcome to attend. I always try to close with either promotion or recognition. Today, I want to recognize and thank Nita VonHolten for her years of service to our Village. Nita will be taking great deserved retirement in the next few weeks. Nita has directed the Village office with great care and dedication. Please stop into Village office, pay your water bill, and give Nita best wishes and thanks for all she has done for our town. Nita, enjoy your retirement time, I am sure you will stay busy. Thank you, good job sister.

Lastly, my last letter promoted Christmas gifts for the ladies and guys that could be purchased in Walnut. I wanted to report, Jack Ackerman from TCI contacted me and said they sold out of the 60’ conveyors for Christmas. Thanks for the orders ladies. Again, Happy and Blessed New Year to all, thanks for your efforts. Shop Walnut when you can.

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