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Chamber Corner: Working on Walnut May Update

The Working on Walnut Coordinating Council met recently. Here’s an update from WOW.

The Retail and Dining Committee met twice in April to prepare for the Taste of Walnut, which was held on Saturday, May 5th. It was a successful event with a lot of positive comments from the community. We had close to 100 people go through the door and I can guarantee none of them went home hungry. Lots of great food from our participating restaurants/vendors. Thank you to all who came and supported the event. All funds raised will go towards WOW projects.

The Sports and Recreation Committee has been busy. They are currently planning a Nerf War for the weekend of June 23rd and 24th out at Sunset Ridge MX in conjunction with the Loretta Lynn Youth Regional. This is expected to be the biggest Nerf War yet. This will be a great way to cross promote the race track outside of Walnut and WOW together. For those wanting to come out to participate in the Nerf War, you can come out at a price of $20 per carload. More information coming soon. The Sports and Rec Committee also continues to work vigorously on the Park Trail. Informational brochures will be available soon.

Royal Neighbors representative were also present at the Coordinating Council meeting to inform the board they would be willing to match-up to $1,000 for the Nerf War fundraiser.

The Events committee are considering a Garage Sale Flip Event in the Fall. Plus, they will be starting the rock hunt back up again and a possible sidewalk painting contest. Events will also be heavily involved in this year’s Fall Fest on Main.

The WOW subcommittee, now titled Liberty and Main Committee, have been meeting regularly, almost weekly, to discuss the Fritz building on Main Street. A lot of progress has been made since they started meeting and the most recent result was the Village Board voting to tear down the building, which will open up Liberty Street again. Opening up Liberty Street was one of the main goals of this committee from the beginning. A Town Hall meeting, with the public encouraged to attend, will be happening on June 11th at the Community Building. An e-mail address has been established at if the public has any questions for the committee. Also, a postcard mailer is being worked on.

Thank you to all the volunteers on WOW for your efforts in improving the village of Walnut.

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