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From a Pile of Bricks to a Foundation for the Future: Moving Main Street Forward

The Village of Walnut Local Improvement Committee will host a public meeting at 7 p.m. on June 11th in the Walnut Community Building. The meeting will be held in collaboration with a subcommittee containing reprensentation from the Walnut Fire Department, the Village of Walnut Local Improvements Committee and WOW: Working on Walnut.

After months of research, the committees recently recommended to the Walnut Village Board that the former bank building on Main Street be demolished. The board voted to approve the demolition of the building at its regularly scheduled meeting on May 1st.

This town hall meeting will kick off efforts to gain input and participation in plans to revitalize the property after demolition.

"Hearing from our community will be a critical piece of determining next steps for this central element to our downtown," Village Board and Local Improvement Committee member Ryan Rosenthal said. "We cannot stress how much we encourage attendance at this meeting. All ideas are welcome, and we look forward to hearing what the residents of Walnut envision for this property."

A detailed agenda will be announced closer to the meeting date. Topics likely to be included are: committee member introductions, project status updates, grant effort details and open discussion.

The committee also intends to distribute a mailer seeking public opinion prior to the June meeting. Feedback from the mailing will also be included on the agenda.

Those interested in helping develop the future of Main Street Walnut are encouraged to share ideas and attend this public meeting.

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