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Chamber Corner: WOW update

This past week’s snow was a reminder from Mother Nature that spring is not here quite yet. Be patient, it will be here before we know it.

The WOW Coordinating Council met this past Monday. Here’s an update from the Council:

Ryan Rosenthal from the Village Board was present to give an update on the Fritz building.

Village board met with engineers Willett and Hoffman in August, toured what they could of building, engineers were unwilling to go to the second level for safety reasons. Ryan showed pictures of the interior, with many of the beams nearly rotted through and fallen debris everywhere. Engineers estimated $350,000.00 to demolish building and then do asbestos. Or $240,000.00 to take the asbestos. They spoke to a federal grant writer, who thought it would be possible to get federal grants. Village put up fences to protect the public. Wall will cross the street if it falls.

Does WOW want to be involved? That will be discussed at the WOW meeting on February 15th. Discussion was held about WOW making a public statement of support to the village board and having members go to the village board meetings.

The Housing/Industrial Committee met January 23rd. Past goals and long term goals being evaluated. Will plan another meeting to prioritize goals.

The Retail and Dining Committee met January 31st. They will be inviting members to come back to the February 15th meeting. A new Cash Mob is planned for March 17th. Talked about Taste of Walnut to be held on May 5th. The Committee talked about new businesses for Walnut to meet the needs of residents.

The Sports and Recreation Committee is hoping to meet March deadline for grant for bike path. The Natural Resources grant has changed. Sledding event is planned for Sunday, February 11th.

The Events Committee and Beautification Committee have not met recently.

The Maintaining the Momentum WOW meeting will be held February 15th. This is celebrating one-year of WOW being formed. Had people at past meetings, goal is to get at least 60 at this meeting. Committee members will be reached out too. The program for the evening was reviewed.

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