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The Future of Main Street is Wide Open

The Liberty and Main Committee mailed public opinion polls to a total of 964 Walnut households this week in a sincere effort to gather community feedback for the future of the former bank building property on Main Street in Walnut.

The committee contains representation from the Walnut Fire Department, the Walnut Police Department, the Village of Walnut Local Improvements Committee and WOW: Working on Walnut.

With asbestos abatement underway at the property and demolition approved by the Walnut Village Board, the committee is building momentum for consistent action after the structure comes down.

“It is important to our town and to this project that we – as residents of Walnut – take ownership in this major change for our Main Street,” Liberty and Main Committee member Josh Egan said. “We refuse to see this site simply remain in a pile of bricks, and we believe the members of this community have the power to make that great difference.”

The two-question survey can be returned to the Village Office or answers may be emailed to by June 11. The committee has already begun receiving responses and will provide mailer updates at an upcoming town hall meeting.

The Village of Walnut Local Improvements Committee is hosting the town hall meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. June 11 in the Walnut Community Building. All residents of Walnut are strongly encouraged to attend.


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