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Destruction Ends, Construction Begins

Don Marquis wrote, “The world is full of ups and downs,” and the Liberty and Main Committee in Walnut is ready to focus on the ups.

In an effort of public safety by the Village of Walnut, the former bank building was demolished on June 21. The famous poet’s hometown now researches a revitalization of the building site that will create long-term benefits for the town.

When the building came down, the Liberty and Main Committee stepped up by provided a fence wrap to surround the fallen structure while it works to secure resources necessary for removal of materials.

The committee is also collaborating with the Village of Walnut Local Improvements Committee, which hosted a town hall meeting about the property on June 11. Together, they are reviewing information gathered through the meeting, the public opinion polls distributed by mail and one-on-one discussions with village residents to build a plan for the future of the Main Street location.

Next steps will be securing funding for site cleanup, including the review of private, public and grant monies.

For more information or to donate to the progress, email or follow the WOW: Working on Walnut Facebook page at


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