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Chamber Corner: Fall Fest, Liberty Square

We are exactly two months away from Fall Fest on Main 2019. It’s hard to believe how quickly it is approaching, but we are looking forward to another fun weekend.

We have some new events, along with the favorites, planned for this year. We are very close to releasing the schedule and information about this year’s event. But, mark your calendars for October 4th and 5th. Saturday is the big day, while Friday is “Fall Fest Eve” where we will hold our annual Chili Cook-Off as well as the Pie Baking Contest.

We are all excited about the Liberty Square Project, which will be the future home of Fall Fest on Main. This past week the ground was seeded to create a green space as the project continues to come together. There is a webpage created at where you can follow along with press releases and updates.

One thing that I am continually grateful for is how I can get about everything I need in our town now. Think about it. I can groceries, gas, schedule a doctor’s appointment, golf, swim, take the kids to the park, plan a construction project, get ice cream, get a haircut, purchase school supplies, check out a book, purchase a new/used car, and take my family out to eat.

With that said, shop Walnut whenever you can. Have a great week.

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