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Chamber Corner: Walnut Days, Queen of Hearts, Local Businesses

I thought one more week of comment and thoughts would be OK. Brent agreed. Lots going on in town, with lots more waiting in the wings. Stay tuned for all the good work that various committees are working on this Summer. Maybe even news on Mainstreet this week. Lots of people working very hard to make Walnut a great place to live and raise a family. Let’s get started.

The July 4th celebration is less than 2 weeks away. This is in may ways the yearly showcase of our town. Events, parade, entertainment, ALS run, BB 3on3 tournament, Beer garden, and yes literally the best Fireworks show for miles around. I want to remind people of the amount of work and money it takes to put on such an event. The celebration committee literally works all year to prepare, and make each years celebration better than the last. I would like to ask you to consider helping with an event. Backs are needed as much as the money itself to pull off this big of a celebration.

I know Jess Entas and his group need help at the Beer Garden. From set up to tear down, there is room for needed help. I know Kirsten Johnston wants to get a group put together to canvas the town for donations the night of the Fireworks. We could literally use 30 people to help collect donations for the Fireworks. In case you are wondering, over $20,000 is spent for that wonderful show. Donations are all the committee has. Please consider volunteering to help collect monies. There are many events and need for help. Show your pride, and responsibility and help make this weekend happen. You will feel good that you jumped in to help.

There are also drawings going on with cash prizes, as well as a golf cart being given away. The Queen of Hearts drawing at the Walnut Golf course and Harry’s Pub and Grub also benefit events here in town. Please make sure you stop and support these fund raisers as well.

A couple of business recognition this week. First, did you know there was a Nationally sanctioned event at Sunset Ridge this past weekend? The Moto Cross world is alive and well at the Pistole farm South of Normandy. Bob and Jan Pistole have created and worked very hard to bring these first-class events to our area. There are literally Hundreds if not Thousands of people that come and spend the weekend and gather in that Pistole Hospitality. Also, Jan has a Breast Cancer awareness event that raises monies that stay in our local area to help those that are affected by this dreaded disease. Good job Pistole family good job. As a side note, not only are the events at Sunset Ridge fun and family oriented, ask the retail business’s in Walnut how they do on race weekends. Every weekend there is a race at Sunset Ridge, it brings a lot of people to town to buy supplies. Lots of supplies. This is good business for our town.

Also wanted to mention, the return of the Italian. It is good to see this restaurant back open in town. The Pizza is great, and is complimented by many side dishes and specials. I have to admit, one of my favorites is the Italian Beef sandwich. A very good portion of beef, on a great French Bread roll. I also enjoy the stuffed mushrooms appetizer. A large selection of sandwiches and Pizza. Eat there, and enjoy the hospitality, or call 379-9288 and get a carryout. Help yourself, it is very good.

That’s it for this week. We have Chamber meeting Tuesday night June 18 at the Walnut golf course. Come out and join us and ask what you can do to help your town. Remember to shop Walnut whenever you can.

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