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Chamber Corner: Walnut Acres, Green River Golf Course and Rotary Project

Have not had this opportunity to contribute to the corner for a while. I welcome the opportunity this week.

Thanks Brent!

Speaking of Brent, I want to thank this young man for all the work he is doing for not only the Chamber, but his involvement in many other projects in town. It is certainly valuable and inspiring to see another good young Walnut product contribute to the good of our community. Keep up the good work Brent you are certainly appreciated.

When asked to contribute this week, I thought where do I start? There have been so many good things happen in town over the last 14 months. Good news is, there are many more good things to come.

I look at some major Business changes that have come to town. First, our local grocery owned and operated by Dave and Robin Jameson. This grocery is certainly a welcome addition to our community. Over the last year, Walnut Acres has continued to grow with product and services. They have great employees, that are always ready to help and serve. It’s real simple people, support this grocery store! Think first about patronizing them and not always going out of town to spend your dollars. Small business survives only by good service and support from the public. Let’s make sure we keep this business not surviving but thriving. The deli and meal business are growing. Do yourself a favor and stop in for some of the offerings.

Green River Country club is now Green River golf course. William and Alex Pepmeyer purchased the club and property in January of this year. It has been another welcome for the community and surrounding communities as well. The restaurant and bar are a welcoming spot for after work and weekends. Have you done a “Taco Tuesday”?? Its not only Taco’s people it is an event! Help your self, and go enjoy a meal, a gathering, or a round of golf at this very nice golf course. Just another example of an amenity that sets Walnut apart. Thanks for being here.

I am going to run out of room pretty quick, but I wanted to thank and bring attention to the latest Rotary project. The Walnut Rotary picked up a project last Fall to bring and build a nice sidewalk to the Walnut Cemetery. It looks to me the project is complete. I do not want to leave any one out, but besides Rotary members, there were local Business that really threw their support and backs into the project. V&C construction, TCI Manufacturing, as well as Farmers Construction were true blessings to the project. It takes organization, strong willing backs, and certainly very generous donations of funds to complete the project. There were large monetary donations, fund raisers by the Walnut Rotary, and smaller Heart felt donations. Just another great example of the can-do attitude of Walnut Business and its citizens. Thank you.

OK, I’m done, I am sure Angie is shaking her head as to where she is going to put this. That’s OK, I had more to talk about and compliment great people and things here in town. Maybe another time. PEOPLE!!! Shop Walnut first! Whenever you can. Thanks Brent.

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