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Chamber Corner: Spring Cleaning, Garage Sales and Taste of Walnut

This past week, a group of us gave the Chamber office a “spring cleaning.”

It was interesting going through old agendas, treasurer’s reports, minutes, seeing old pictures and newspaper articles. We also found some old strategic plans for Walnut from the 70’s and 80’s. It was interesting to see a lot of goals back then are similar to some goals we have now. Also, some of the challenges that the town faced back then are similar to what we see now.

It made me realize how many people over the years have given their time to make Walnut a better place to live.

I appreciate all those that have given their time over the years to plan and prepare the things we take for granted. One example that stands out is the Walnut Days Celebration. I know Walnut Days was a passion of my grandpa Bill. He was on the committee for many years and served as President as well. He would basically spend the whole weekend down at the Park making sure everything runs smooth.

If you see a Walnut Days committee member this year down at the Park, tell them thank you. One thing many people don’t realize is that committee meets year around to plan out all the little details that makes the Celebration great. It’s a weekend everyone looks forward to and many people who grew up in Walnut return to enjoy the activities and fireworks.

As Walnut Days quickly approaches, let me mention a few events that are coming up before it.

Garage Sales are this weekend, as well as the Taste of Walnut. Ticket sales have been going well and you can buy them at the door. I’ll give you a quick sample of the menu: Avanti’s (cheese and dessert), Green River Country Club (tacos), Konz Restaurant & Lounge (chicken strips and dessert) Mama T’s (chicken wings), Walnut Acres Family Farms (Italian Beef and Salad), Walnut Cafe (mostaccioli and a signature soup), and Walnut Shell (Pulled Pork sliders).

Sounds like a great evening and lots of good food! Join us!

Have a great week and shop Walnut whenever you can.

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