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Chamber Corner: Volunteers continue to make a difference

Being involved with the Chamber of Commerce has opened my eyes to different things around town. The main thing being there are a lot of people in Walnut that really have a passion for this town and want to make positive changes.

A majority of these people are volunteering and giving up their time. I can say your efforts don't go unnoticed. Here are a few examples just recently.

First, the Working on Walnut Committees continue to meet regularly. There are a lot of efforts going on behind the scenes for long-term planning and also short-term. I can tell you WOW will be involved in Fall Fest on Main bringing a few new events to the celebration. I can't announce what yet, but details coming soon.

The Walnut Rotary Club continues to make a positive impact on the community. Whether it's donating money to different causes or just following their motto "service above self", they are a huge asset to Walnut.

Children will have two opportunities to attend Vacation Bible School in the next two weeks. Walnut Community Bible Church is hosting VBS from July 23-27. Walnut Methodist Church is hosting the week after. I have a lot of fun memories from attending VBS as a kid.

Walnut Methodist Church is also continuing to host their Open Table on the third Wednesday of each month. This is a free meal to the community from 5-6:30 p.m. Last week they ran out of food. That's a good thing!

Remember, the free donuts and cider at Fall Fest on Main last year? I'm excited to announce we will be offering that again thanks to the generous donation from Walnut Christian Church.

Speaking on Fall Fest on Main. Last year we had over 100 volunteers help out with the event. It was a true community event. If you have any interest in helping out in anyway, whether its serving food or helping with kids activities, e-mail me at E-mail is the best way for me to keep track of the requests.

Lots more information coming in the coming weeks about Fall Fest on Main. In the meantime, shop Walnut whenever you can.

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