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Chamber Corner: Celebration meeting, Chamber membership, Mapping project

Well, after a week or ten days of well above normal temps, and warm tempting sunshine, we are back to little weather reality. Still a real bargain without several inches of snow on the ground, but everyone enjoyed it while it lasted.

That being said, there are many signs of Spring and Summer. One is a planning meeting for the upcoming July 4th celebration. This coming Wednesday night, there will be a meeting at the Walnut Community center to work on a plan, and garner interest in getting new volunteers to help with the weekend celebration. A mass e-mail went out last week inviting people to come and give ideas and themselves to help with this important event. If you enjoy the celebration, and all it brings to Walnut, come and offer your help and ideas.

Chamber membership drive is going well, very well in fact. We certainly appreciate all of the support and interest being given to the organization and its work. Our banquet is planned, speaker lined up, business displays planned, and awards to be given. We need to get the last of reservations confirmed, so we can allow Konz to make a plan to feed all of us. The banquet is March 20, please return your reservation sheet, or call Brian at 815-441-5715 and leave a message. You can also call our Chamber director Brent Jamison at 815-866-9352. We welcome your participation, and I think you will find it a valuable evening. Let’s do this this week.

This last week, more momentum gathered for the upcoming Mapping project. The project begins March 16 and goes through April 13. It is confirmed, we will use the Community building and will gather from 6 to 9 p.m. Each week has a theme / subject matter plan. Week 1 – Where are we now? Week 2 – Where do we want to be? Week 3- How do we get there? Week 4 – Making it happen! Week 5 – Making it happen. This is an organized program, with 2 representatives keeping us on task, yet gleaning the ideas of the group. It should be productive as well as interesting listening to the ideas out there. Please remember, the ideas are what it takes to start projects. It’s the actions of all that make them happen. If you are asked, consider what you can do to “Make it Happen” it is all of our duties to our town and community. Thank you in advance.

That’s all for the week, short and fairly sweet. I have to mention the passing of another of our past successful business people in Walnut. Jack Fahs passed away last week. Jack was well known for not only being the Standard Oil bulk delivery guy for fuel and oils, but the man in our parades with his antique cars. Jack always had a smile on his face, was busy, yet took time to talk to you and leave you with his positive attitude. Jack provided great service and products, like I said another successful Walnut Business person. Thanks Jack. Have a good week people. Please consider attending the July 4th meeting Wednesday night. Thanks for your efforts, shop Walnut whenever you can.

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