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Chamber Corner: Pancakes, Mapping and Membership Letters

Pancakes and Sausage this coming Sunday morning!!!! Let the tradition of February fund raisers begin people!!!! This coming Sunday, the Walnut Fireman will be putting on the annual pancake and sausage breakfast. Yes, I am sure Phil and the Michlig boys will be on the line to serve you and your family the best of breakfast cuisine. Not only is this just one of THE social events of the year, for Walnut, it is a great fund raiser for our great Fire Department. Make sure part of your day to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday, as well as Kelly Lynn’s Birthday is enjoying the best of Pancakes and sausage in Walnut this coming Sunday. In all seriousness, make sure you take time to thank the Firemen and EMT’s for the work, dedication of time, and provided safety for our community. These people do nothing but give back every day. It is sometimes dangerous work, as well as time taken away from the family and work on less than a moment’s notice. Here is a thought young people. Ask about joining this great asset to our community. Please consider joining the long line of dedicated citizens that have made this department one of the best in the area.

The WIU Mapping program is a go here in Walnut. The decision has been made, and the Steering committee is formed. The steering committee is made up of 8 people that will not only begin the thought process of what and how on this project, but a list of people to ask to join. We need at least 40 to 50 people to meet 5 times. That’s the time we are asking for 5 nights, Thursday nights, 3 hours, and OH YA, we will feed you!!!!! There will be a lite meal at every meeting, provided by one of our Chamber Member restaurants. More to come on the actual meetings, details are being put together as we speak. Look at this project as a planned cooperative Strategic plan. The word cooperative is as important as anything within this project. The cooperative includes Village board representatives, social groups, Rotary, Churches, and Chamber. The most important representation, are our citizens. If you are ask to attend this town event, please consider joining and fully participating. If you do not get asked, volunteer to participate. I had a young couple call me this week, and ask to join into the committee. These great people work here, will raise and educate their family here, and plan a good quality of life here. Exactly what this strategic plan will address. More information coming, with dates and location.

Membership letters have gone out. Chamber mailed the letters of invitation this past week. Both business and individual memberships are important to our organization. As in everything else in life, we are not perfect. If we missed a potential member, please let someone on the Chamber know. I invite you to call me at 815-441-5715, or send a note to Box 56 Walnut, and Brent will contact you. This is a very important time in Walnut. There are many people doing good things. There are many people with growing expectations of our town and what it is. The Chamber is just one of the organizations working toward progress in our town. Please consider your membership and what it means to you and our community. The Walnut Chamber certainly welcomes your participation. Last comment for the corner this week concerning membership. The Membership dues to the Chamber will help support the Mapping project in the community. The cost of project will be around $4000 plus meals. Yes, we will gladly accept and encourage donations to help offset the costs of the Mapping Strategic Plan. That said, Chamber is dedicated to bringing this to town, your membership is certainly important and welcomed.

Have a good week people, get out and do something for your community. Eat a pancake, and put an extra $ 10 or $20 in the till for YOUR Fire Department. Thanks for your efforts. Shop Walnut whenever you can.

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