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Chamber Corner: The Cubs, Election Tuesday and Veteran's Day

I went for a walk this morning to see what changes may have happened overnight. As I round the corner and look West, all looks good. Street lights on, trees all look good, houses with morning lights glowing through the windows. I get to the corner and head up Main street, anticipating some major effects after what happened in Cleveland last night. Main street looks the same, Peerless building still there, guys having morning meetings at Walnut Café, and people getting done with morning work-out routine at Main Street Motivation.

Finally it hits, Harry Guither walking across the street in his very nice Cub’s Shirt. Grin on his face, and spring in his step. “What did you think about that game last night”??? Now I know Harry knows I am a lifelong St. Louis Cardinal fan. With that being said, even a long time Cardinal fan had to enjoy the great Baseball, and appreciate the fact that the Cubs had finally won a World Series. Yes, I did stay up and watch the game. Wayyyy past my bed time, but thinking that seeing is believing, and a couple of phone calls asking “Are you Watching this” I had to watch. It was great Baseball, the supposed curse is broken, and it looks like this group of young players will entertain and thrill Cubs fans for many years to come. A fun fact, our beloved Pam’s birthday is November 3rd, what a great celebration for Pammy. There is no doubt in my mind she and her dad Lee were able to enjoy the game. We miss them both very much.

Let’s move on to important stuff. Tomorrow Tuesday November 8th is election day. What do I say about this whole fiasco of name calling, lies, innuendos, monies spent, and less than desirable people running for office? Now, I have to say, make sure you go vote! Yes, you really do have to go vote. It is all of our responsibility and duty to do the best we can at the ballot box. There are some very important races, and there are races that do have good people looking to represent us. Please take the time, and let your voice and choice be heard. It is a privilege many cannot enjoy.

The second important date this week, Veteran’s day is Friday November 11. Kind of Ironic, with both election day and Veterans day observation is the same week. Real simple people without the brave men and women that fought and many times died for our civic rights there would be no election day. We cannot even imagine not having a vote as to who will represent and govern within the laws of the land chosen by the people. Walnut is very well blessed and represented by a Veteran’s day program. Come gather at the Memorial uptown Friday morning, I believe a little before 11AM. Here the names of Veteran’s, shake some hands and say thank you to the veterans we still have with us. The program is short and very respectful. It will give you reason to pause and reflect on all you have, thanks to these brave people.

That’s it people. It’s good to see TCI, and Walnut Custom Components working extra shifts. When you come by the factories and you see either Saturday workers, or perhaps 2nd shift lights on, you know these great Walnut businesses are busy. That is good for all of our town and community. Good job people. Speaking of great, one more Cubs comment. I am sure while watching the game last Wednesday night you thought of your own past Cubs fan. My family had Pam and Lee, I enjoyed many Summer games with my beloved Otto, and Walnut had Larry Wilcoxen. Oh my Gosh!!! The ultimate baseball and Cubs fan. Larry gave so very much to our schools, education and sports programs, Park district, and yes ultimately our town. Even though the game was almost a week ago, I still smile thinking of how happy Larry is today.

BUY THOSE 50/50 tickets people!! I know Brad’s Pit Stop has them available. Shop Walnut whenever you can. Thanks for your effort.

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