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Fall Fest on Main is in the books

Writing this on Friday Morning before the Festival. So as you read this on Monday or Tuesday, the first Walnut Fall Festival will be in the books. I have every bit of confidence that it will go well. The anticipation of Festival has kept some of my board members up at night. I think it is mostly excitement of another new project being launched here in town. I will tell you none of this would not have taken place without the leadership of Brent Jamison. This home grown young man has taken this idea and run with it. He has earned the trust of his board and membership and gets the job done every day. People have been far more than generous with funds as they always are. The best news, is the number of people that volunteered to help. It is great to see the get it done attitude the committee has taken on. More to come next week as results are in and the event is in the books.

So now we move on to the Antique Picking show coming to the Bolz farm on Friday and Saturday this coming week. This show always promises to bring the most interesting people and equipment of yester year. There will be picking demonstrations in the field along the road going North out of Walnut. Indian Head will be busy with people at the show, as well as farmers brings crop to town. Be careful traveling this road later in the week. Walnut Rotary will be serving food both days, and will have the coffee ready early morning. I have not Heard if Mary will be baking cinnamon rolls both mornings or not. Regardless, Rotary always serves good food, along with their dedication to serving the community. Good job people, thanks for all you do.

On Sunday October 16, we can start removing the Mums and grasses from the Main street Flower pots. Chamber has purchased and planted the Hardy Fall Mums to decorate Main street for the Festival and Picking show. I think between the Corn Shocks and the flower pots, the Main street committee did a pretty good job of trying to dress up Main street. Thanks people!

Anyway, Sunday after picking show, come dig up a Mum and or some grasses and take them home!! Compliments of the business sponsors and Walnut Chamber. Don’t get greedy, don’t waste them, don’t make a mess on the street. Pick out one or two, pot them up or dig them into your flower yard at home. We will start putting the boxes away, as weather allows us. Help yourself, your welcome.

That’s it for this morning. Harvest is well under way, it is great therapy. The Good Lord has provided us with a bumper crop. To me, there is almost nothing more rewarding than riding that Deere and seeing what we can do by planting and caring for the fields we have been blessed with. Yes, farming is my 2nd best duty, and I am blessed to be able to be involved. With both. Have a great week people, be safe, go to Bolz farm and watch the antique equipment and farmers. Shop Walnut whenever you can.

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