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A great place to live

I was fortunate enough to gather with friends and family this past week, for different events. Some live here in Walnut, some come and go, and some only get here once in a while. Inevitably the conversation turns to our town and the people in it. At the gathering last Thursday night, we went from Pat McCarthy, to Gene Thompson, to Ed Perino. I bet you are all wondering how those names come together? All conversation endearing, and respectful, and yes fun. At the end of the conversation, it all came down to the different people in Walnut that we have all known. Then the conversation moves to how many people enjoy living here. Between the interesting people we have known here, to very nice comfortable village we enjoy, Walnut continues to be a great place to live. There are many opportunities that cannot be ignored, all should be addressed and worked on together. Bottom line, Walnut is a great place to live and grow.

Chamber meeting this Tuesday night. We will gather at the Green River Country Club at 7 PM. Main focus of the meeting will be the final touches of the Fall Festival. This is growing into a well-planned fun event for our community. Another subject, we have two applications for the Chamber sign program. Both of these businesses have made or are making improvements to the signs or façade of the building. These kind of improvements move us forward, it’s a good thing. All Chamber members are invited to attend, come listen to plans, and volunteer to help with an event or an idea.

Chamber will start changing out the flower boxes on Main street this coming week. We will be planting Mums in the boxes to add a little Fall color to Main street. These Mums, are all provided by business that are sponsoring different events within the festival. We will have signage with each box, promoting those business’s. When you shop Walnut, thank these business’s for their support.

On the recognizing of different business in town this week, have you noticed the great selection of Ford vehicles Fisch Motors are offering. The front line on this very well kept lot is very impressive. Some very nice F-150’s, as well as other reliable new and used cars and trucks are awaiting your interest. The inventory also includes a diversified offering of anything from boom trucks to some very nice Harley Davidson motorcycles. Good service, good sales, stop down and see Marcus and Paul.

The other business I want to recognize, is our Walnut Shell station. Mary Zittle and her crew are there from early morning to late night. Not only do we get coffee there in the morning with discussion of what is real or not, the opportunity to get a quick breakfast and load a lunch box is available. There are important informational gatherings there every morning, as well as the opportunities to purchase some fine Craft beers. Fresh Fried chicken is available every day, as well as fresh lunch offerings. Oh ya, they sell gasoline as well. Shell is on the Highway, that means people passing through Walnut stop in and asks about our town while making purchases. Mary and the girls are good promoters. Good job, thank you.

Time for the yearly reminder of school being in session. Lots of good mom’s walking kids to school, lots of mom’s driving kids to school, lots of kids walking with friends to school. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!! STAY OFF THE CELL PHONES!! DO NOT SEND OR READ TEXT MESSAGES!!! We are blessed to have all these little one and young people in our town. Let’s take care of them and give up the phones for a few minutes. Last request, slow down coming down main street. Lots of kids and bicycles crossing streets, watch for them. That’s it for today, have a good week and a safe week. Shop Walnut whenever you can, thank you for your efforts.

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