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Fall Festival planning is underway

The plans for the Walnut Fall Festival are underway. We will meet at our regular monthly Chamber meeting on Tuesday, August at Konz Restaurant at 7 p.m. There are many different events being planned, come join us and help make the event a success. We are making the plan toward a family day of fun and events for all ages.

The Walnut Chamber has also created a sign and facade program for Main Street. We are offering grants to help with signing and or facade that will improve the looks of Main Street. We would like to get this wrapped up for this year in the next couple of months. I encourage business owners to go the Chamber website and fill out an application. This is money from the Chamber dedicated to making Main Street look better. You can find the application for this program on the News and Events section of this site.

This past Wednesday evening, State Senator Chuck Weaver held an open house, for questions and discussion about the state of our state. There were around 30 people there, and it is very easy to see and hear the discontent from the citizens attending. Senator Weaver stood up and took questions and made comments for about 90 minutes, and had some very interesting, yet concerning information. Our state is in very bad shape, not only from a financial standpoint, but our population is shrinking as well. People are leaving Illinois, for many of our boarder states. I encourage all of you to contact our Senators and representatives and demand some positive results from the people that represent us in Springfield. Chuck's phone number is 815-872-1964. He can be contacted by e-mail as follows:

Last week I mentioned several of our Chamber Business members that are not located on Main Street. These businesses have no store fronts, but are certainly valuable to all in the Walnut area. Paul Redmond has a business in his home to repair and build high-end guitars. Paul has many years in the business and lots of experience helping some of the big names in entertainment. Paul is located in his home and can be reached at 815-379-2171. Another membership belongs to Walnut Acres Farm north of Walnut. Walnut Acres are located at 294 Baseline Road and can be reached at 815-343-3936. This family business produces and processes the best in meats, and special cuts, stop out or call the Jameson family to make an order. We also have a business that comes and goes in Walnut. This business is on Main Street every third Wednesday, and has its schedule in The Walnut Leader. The Traveling Barber from the Loop Barbershop comes to Walnut Senior Center, and gives a great guys' haircut. Brian brings coffee and donuts with him and offers conversation to go along with the haircut. Stop or call any or all of these businesses that offer their services to all of us in the Walnut area.

That's it for this week, gotta get the truck to Fisch's this morning for oil change, then on the road. One last item, I see there are changes coming at our Bureau Valley School system. Parents and citizens, all be aware and informed as to any changes being proposed. It is in all of our best interest. Have a good week people, thanks for your efforts.

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