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Returning to your Roots

Beautiful day in Walnut, on this Friday morning, as so many are. We are blessed to live in such a nice small town with lots of good people. Good job people, always support and be proud of your town. The last couple of weeks were spent with different family and friends who come home to Walnut. That is one, beside so many other reasons our July 4th celebration is a success. The home town people return to their roots, and celebrate the thoughts of days gone by, or days to come once they return again. All have value, all have a reason to come home. It’s a good thing.

Chamber meeting tomorrow night, Green River Country Club! If you are interested, come enjoy the Taco’s they are offering on Tuesday night, and stay for the meeting if you wish. There is always room for positive input and more good people to share in projects good for our town. Meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.

The Farmer’s Market is starting to get produce at the stands. Please be sure to come to Walnut on Wednesday afternoons, to purchase the best of local wares. The Sweet Corn last week was very good, and the stand that sells the homemade granola has a great product. I am sure there will be even more selection as the Summer moves on. Please make an effort to come to town and support these people.

Last Tuesday night, a few people gathered at the club to discuss Main street progress, with the Peerless property, as well as other opportunities that may come. You notice I said opportunities. We have to look at this and any positive project as an opportunity to not only maintain, but advance our Main street and Town. Village board is working on securing properties, it is in our best interest and effort we support them. The second conversation we embarked on, was the possibility of a one day Fall Festival on Main street. Lots of good ideas, with goals attached that is good for the Village. More to come, once plans and committees are in place. The Bi-Annual Fall Corn picking show is scheduled at the Bolz / Larkey farm for October 14 and 15. More information as time goes on. This project brings lots of people to town, good promotion.

That’s it people, short and sweet. Good to see the sign project continue on Main street, thank you to the Main Street bar for updating their sign on Main street. Lots of trips to Summer homes and vacations at the lake. Be careful on the water, always cherish the time together. It’s important. Thanks for your efforts people, shop Walnut whenever you can.

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