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Main Street improvements

Happy July 4th people!! Hope your holiday gathering was great, and you enjoyed the Fireworks where ever you were.

As I sit here on Friday morning before the weekend, I have to comment on all of the efforts going into what has happened on main street this past week. There seems to be a real effort to begin our healing of appearance on Main street. With the efforts of many people, there are several very noticeable improvements. Dan and Lisa Koning have painted the front of their restaurant, and replaced the sign that identifies the business. This new sign is an effort of Greg Wallace, and has come out very nicely. Good colorful signage, that Dan and Lisa should be proud of. The Walnut Café has also replaced the front sign on their building as well. Again, this is a product produced by Greg Wallace and has certainly improved the façade appearance of the business and building. As a member of Chamber, I want to thank these two important businesses’ for the pride they are taking in improving their appearance. Once again people, presentation is everything. Thank you to Greg Wallace for taking on these projects. Gregg not only has his signage business but is an active partner along with Glen Carl in the Sawdust and Paint business East of Walnut. These boys do everything from cabinets to custom woodwork projects. Do your self a favor and contact these talented young men for your home or business improvements.

I especially want to recognize Kirsten Johnston for her attack of first impression as you come down Main street here in Walnut. Kirsten has long wanted to do something to welcome people to our town. With the help of Hunter Schoff, Greg Wallace, and V&C construction her plan has come to pass. I do not know how the design plan came together, but I assume Kirsten gave Greg and Hunter an idea, and they ran with it. It certainly looks great, and has accomplished Kirsten’s idea to appropriately welcome people to our village. The crew from V&C took on the projects presentation assignment. Between the guys in the man lift, several levels being used, decisions being made on how best to attach to the building, and best of all Terry Andersen standing in the coal yard supervising, the new sign got hung. It all came together very quickly, and everyone involved worked very hard. Kirsten deserves a big thank you for completing and financing this project of pride. Again, Walnut is blessed with many people that do step up and make good things happen for all of us.

As you come down Main street, appreciate the Avanti’s Garden and shelter and how nice it looks. Then look across the street to signage welcoming all to our town. Again, efforts are being made, thanks to all concerned. Main street looked good for the holiday weekend, thank you to all that took part in the Walnut Pride. Thanks for your efforts, shop Walnut whenever you can.

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