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Thank You Veterans

By the time most all of you read this offering, Memorial Day 2016 will be in the books. One of the very impressive traditions in our Village is the very respectful, well attended observation of this celebration of our Freedom and the hero’s that secured that Freedom. The fact that we in this country find the need to honor those thought fought and died for all of us speaks volumes. Not only do we honor our Veterans, but we instill in our young people the knowledge, and need to do the same. The cook-outs and picnics are important family time to begin the Summer season. But, beginning the Summer with honoring our military hero’s is what is most important and appropriate. Thank you all for doing this.

I would be remiss if I did not mention all that make the Memorial Day observation the best it can be. From the crew at the cemetery, to the scouts, Legion members, speakers, and local band members all of these people make a huge difference in securing a respectful and beautiful Memorial Day celebration. Thank you.

Chamber Meeting was two weeks ago. Good meeting, with lots going on. First, the July 4th celebration will be here very soon. Sandy green brought information to the meeting concerning Chamber duties for the weekend. Dr. Dean has plans made for the 3 on 3 tournament, which promises to be another successful project this year. Julie Von Holten is making plans for the ALS 5K run as well. All of these activities have proven to be great projects in the past, and this year will be no different. Want to help?? Don’t be afraid to contact any of these people and offer your assistance. It would be greatly appreciated. It’s your celebration too.

Speaking of July 4th celebration, the Green River Country Club is sponsoring an 18 hole Scramble to help raise funds for the fireworks. This will be the 3rd year that the club has offered this service to our community. The Scramble will be Saturday June 11. Hole sponsorships are available as well. If you have a team that enters the contest, or as a business sponsor a hole, all of your monies go to the July 4th Fireworks expense. My assumption, is the expense of fireworks will be around $20,000 again this year. The Green River Country Club donation will be greatly appreciated, go out and have some fun at this activity June 11.

One of the other subjects of the last Chamber meeting was to elect a new board. It does not matter the organization; leadership is a must. The Chamber has been blessed with people that have been or continue to give of their time. Some for many years. This year, Dr. Dean Hulsing, Kate Johnson, and Sharon Smith have done their time for Chamber board. It is greatly appreciated all the time and talents these people have given to the community. Please remember, all of these people still serve on other boards, and or are involved with other service organizations. It is very common these days that good people that serve the community are involved in more than one assignment. Thank you to all 3 of these good people for the work you do in the community. By the way, all 3 of have said they are still willing to help on projects. Good Job.

The three board positions have been filled by present Chamber membership. Chris and Julie VonHolten, as well as Janis McDonald have volunteered their valuable time. Just like the previous three people I spoke of, these people also give their time to other organizations as well. It is greatly appreciated that you are giving your time and leadership to Chamber board. The 2016 – 17 Chamber board will be as follows; Kirsten Johnston, Sandy Green, Tracey Schoff, Chris VonHolten, Julie VonHolten, and Janis McDonald. Brent Jamison is the Chamber Director and treasurer. There are many items on the Chamber agenda for upcoming year. It's good people like these that will make the year a success. Thank you all for your time.

Time for work. My closing comments have to do with my 2nd favorite thing in my life. Working in the dirt. Actually its soil, not dirt. Norm Spencer always corrected me on that. There are a few people in Walnut that remembers Norm Spencer. Anyway, the flower boxes uptown are planted, and doing well. Thank you Kim Dietz and the Cub Scouts. Scouts and parents made short work of the planting 3 weeks ago. The boxes are beginning to fill nicely. By July 4th as we welcome people to town for the Holiday boxes should look good. The best thing this year, I have other people planting more flowers to kind of personalize the box in front of their business. Thank you very much, more color the better! Also, more help with watering. That is really appreciated ! In my opinion, it is everyone’s duty to take pride in our towns appearance. Most of you do a great job. Thank you. Shop Walnut whenever you can people. Thanks for your efforts.

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