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April Showers

Believe it or not, I am sitting here on Thursday afternoon listening to the rain come down. We got rained out this afternoon from planting any more corn today. It was good to see the rain come down, and the Thunderstorm and lightning that accompanied it. The Thunderstorm is accompanied by thoughts of enjoying the storm in thoughts of peace and listening to Mother Nature at her best. While our storms can be deadly here in the Midwest, they can also be enjoyed by all many ways. Let’s hope there are still those days to come. Enjoy people.

Speaking of Corn planting, it is time for all of us to be extra careful out on the roads. There is BIG equipment out there! You can see the equipment, but sometimes they cannot see you, or get out of the way especially if you are trying to pass them. Be a good motorist, and try to give them all the room they need. Thank you from all of the operators. Be careful.

Let’s move onto to another Spring event. Flowers for our yards, as well as those garden veggies we all enjoy harvesting during the Summer and Fall season. Bureau Valley High School is once again offering plants from the High School green house. Mrs. Ledergerber and her students have been working over the past Winter to get plants germinated and growing for all of our needs. The plants are ready for you to begin helping yourself to a Summer of beautiful plants. The School will offer plant sales on Saturday April 23rd, April 30, as well as May 8th. I am sure there is more information on the school web site, about the sale. Better yet go down there and check out the facility and all the plants offered for sale. Help the school, and yourself to some very nice plants for Spring. If you can’t make it to school, I know Sharon and Dylan are working with Mrs. Ledergerber to bring plants to Garden and Greens here in Walnut. Stop in and see the girls.

Going down RT. 92 West out of town, it’s easy to see how aggressive Fisch Motors is getting with a good sized inventory. Walnut is fortunate to have a major Automobile franchise in our community. Marcus and Paul have a great selection of cars and trucks. From SUV’s to new and used automobiles and pickup’s, this dealership has a great selection. Can’t find exactly what you want? Just talk to Marcus, he will find what you want, new or used. Fisch Motors is also well known for the great shop service, tires for all types of vehicles big or small, as well as parts sales. Again, as we promote within the Chamber, when you shop Walnut, a portion of sales tax stays in town. Jobs are created, as well as support from business to organizations and events. This business and all of our local business is the life of our community.

Lots going on at the schools, and Spring sports. Soon we will be graduating another class of young people ready to go out into the world to make a difference. Let’s make sure we always support and encourage our young people. Stay involved, you will not regret it. Have a great week people, shop Walnut whenever you can, thanks for your efforts.

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