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Annual Chamber Banquet and Meeting

Annual Chamber banquet is in the books, and we move onto Spring and Summer events within the Chamber. We had a very good turnout for the banquet, and all went well. We even had a very productive gathering after the banquet with friends solving almost all of the world’s problems. Thanks Dustin for putting up with us, your hospitality was appreciated.

So, besides the Spring Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, and lots of Robins coming home for the Summer, there are other definite signs. Green River Country Club opens this week. Stop out and enjoy the rolling hills and challenges of our local course. This local beauty is not only challenging but fun. It is 9 holes, if you are a par golfer, you can get through it in about an hour. OK, maybe hour and a half. However, you look at it, it is a great smaller course, close to home, and ready for your green fees. I know they are very good to students, as to getting them into the game of golf with offers for Summer.

Chamber will be meeting April 19 for regular monthly meeting. This meeting is also our annual meeting to elect board and officers. Our Chamber is involved in many different projects right now, and all are for the good of our town and community. Besides our regular Spring events, moving into Summer, there are new opportunities to serve our town. I encourage all to come to the April meeting, and offer yourself to serve. We are blessed to have good people that are giving their time and resources. There is room for you and your time and ideas.

As I speak about Chamber projects, these are sometimes tied closely to projects within our town and Village board. There are improvements around town that need to be accomplished. These improvements range from streets and alleys, to main street improvements, to maintaining the everyday the good things we enjoy living in Walnut, Illinois. There are 7 people that gather twice a month, to keep the town open and on track. I do believe they do the best they can with a sometimes thankless job. Yes, they run to be elected to the position, but I tell you they run out of since of duty, not to get rich and be away from the family twice a month. Here’s where our responsibility as citizens come into the equation. It’s very simple, buy whatever you can in town. Walnut charges a 6.25% sales tax. First, I will tell you that is cheap. That’s a subject for another day, but we are fortunate to have such a low sales tax rate. That being said, the low rate does not help our town. Just that simple. I am not here to advocate or announce a run for a higher tax rate, but I am saying buy you stuff in Walnut. It is just that simple. Gasoline, supplies, hardware, repairs, vehicles, vehicle repairs, dinning out, pizza to go, anything that charges sales tax, helps the town. Nobody knows better than I we do not have a grocery store. Yep, that stinks. That being said, Brads Pit stop has Wyanet meats, and everyday grocery needs. Avanti foods have great cheeses, cold meats, and condiments, not to mention all the decorations and things to make your home look nice. Jeri and her ladies offer wonderful ideas for the home. Guess what, when you buy there or Brad’s, a portion of the monies spent stays here in Walnut. Please consider your spending dollars staying in town, when possible. Thanks, you can make a difference.

That’s it, time to move to the next project of the day. Don’t know about anyone else, but it’s about time to go to the field. I have the itch pretty badly. Come on good weather!!! Have a good week people. Shop Walnut whenever you can, thanks for your efforts.

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