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Membership Update

This week’s forecast seems to open the door to our Spring weather fast approaching. It is not hard to see the amount of people out walking, playing ball, practicing for Summer sports. All fun, and rewarding to see so many people out enjoying what we have to offer in the Walnut area for exercise and entertainment. We are very fortunate to have the Park District area’s as well as the Bureau Valley school area to enjoy. Jerry and Corey are doing a great job of offering activities and facilities for all to use. Yep, the pool still has leaves in the bottom, and the softball areas are still pretty quiet. Trust me when I say, the pool will be full of water and kids, and the ball diamonds will be alive in a very short period of time. Get ready.

Membership drive for the Chamber is going well. We are at over 50% of completed at this time. Our goal is to have all signed up for renewal in the next couple of weeks. We are very happy with the number of individual memberships we attract to Chamber. This speaks very loudly to the pride people have in our town. We promote business’s and doing business in Walnut. We provide different services to existing business as well as new business. Individuals get very little for their investment, except for knowing we are promoting and moving our town forward. The financial support as well as their ideas and backs working on events are everything when it comes to our membership. We certainly encourage and value their membership. If you have not renewed, please do so, if you have never belonged to Chamber, please join we value your input and participation.

Business has responded with over 60% renewal to date. These businesses’ pay for membership, as well as make contributions of money and in kind. Many businesses provide crew and or individuals to helping on events. Best of all, our businesses provide ideas and leadership for our boards and chamber in general. I certainly invite all of our present businesses to renew and invest in our community, and invite any new business to do the same. The Walnut Chamber welcomes your support in every way.

A couple of other announcements this week. Sunset Ridge has its 2016 schedule out. You can go to the Sunset Ridge web site and see everything this family friendly business and sporting event has to offer. The Pistole family have worked long and hard to bring Moto Cross to our area. This track and venue is known nationwide for its quality racing and entertainment. Also, just as important, Jan and Bob are great supporters of different causes and charities. Watch for announcements of these events, and support them. There is a rumor that Joe and Carol have purchased new bikes to participate in the fun. Good job guys, we are proud of you! Joe boy, be careful of that one knee.

Lastly, another announcement of Spring, is the planned return of Grow Walnut. Two ladies very much involved in marketing and promoting garden produce and fresh baked items will be taking the helm of this Summer event. Robin Jameson, and Robin Ackerson will be chairing the market this late Spring and Summer. These ladies will be inviting vendors, as well as having their own offerings for all to enjoy. Watch for details to come for Grow Walnut. Thank you ladies for stepping up and continuing this Summer delight.

I am off to an Illinois Rural Development Conference this week. See what kind of ideas, information and trouble I can find. Thanks people, have a good week, shop Walnut whenever you can.

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