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Local Transitions

As I sit here in my warm home in Walnut, Illinois, it is very easy to count my blessings. We have a little snow on the ground, and yes, it has finally gotten cold, but overall it has been a very easy Winter. I think everyone has recovered from the Holidays, and ready to attack the New Year. How’s those resolutions coming along? Hope they are successful, and you are as well.

I wanted to highlight some business change in Walnut this week. Oddly enough, both business set side by side, and both are very important to our town and Main street. First, Kami Broeren has decided she has cut enough hair on a full time basis. Kami has decided to step back from the salon, and last I heard she was going to spend more time chasing husband Tom on a tractor. Heads up neighbors!!!! Kami has sold the business to another local. Debby Redhair has purchased the business. Debby is a local girl, and grew up in the Jim and Mary Jo Gothard household. Debby has taken over the business, and will offer not only haircuts and styling for both men and women, but other salon services as well. Debby will offer Pedicures, Manicures, and facials, along with products for your home salon. Hours are Tuesday thru Saturday, and you can make your appointment at 815-379-2662. I want to wish Debby the best of luck, and thank you for continuing the business in Walnut. Kami, thank you for all you have done for the community, and growing a business in Walnut. Good job sister, we will continue to welcome your help with the community efforts.

Next, I hope you all have read last week’s Walnut Leader. Another long running business in Walnut has changed hands. Gary Brooks has turned over the reins of the leader to Matt and Angie Florschuetz. Angie grew up here in Walnut, and is the daughter of Dave Garland. Angie has worked at the Leader for several years, and is well acquainted with the everyday demands. Gary will continue to be an intricate part of the paper, but will step back for a well-deserved part time rest. Matt, Angie’s husband will work in the background of getting the paper printed and ready for distribution. The Walnut Leader is a 130-year-old institution of Walnut. Since 1892, the Wilson families and Gary and Linda Brooks have been charged with getting the paper out on a dependable every week basis. I want to commend Angie and Matt for taking on this duty. If you do not get the Leader on an every week basis, stop in and get a subscription. The paper is also sold in Sheffield at the Royal Super Mart, and in Ohio at the Ohio Filling Station, along with being offered in Walnut at Shell and Brad’s gas stations. Business people, consider spending some advertising dollars with the leader, and thank you to all that advertise with them now.

Chamber meeting this Tuesday night at 7 PM, at Konz. This is the beginning of a new year, I would like to invite business and individual members to attend this opening meeting of the year. Your input and participation are greatly appreciated along with your membership. Thank you for all of your efforts, shop Walnut when ever you can.

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