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Chamber Corner: Change is inevitable

How do you feel about change?

It’s often said the only constant in life is change, but many people struggle with that concept.

I think a lot of people, myself included, mainly focus about the loss that is about to occur instead of focusing on what the future can hold.

I think of this as the process begins to bring down the Fritz building. The comment I hear a lot is that it is sad the building has to come down, but they realize for many reasons it has to happen.

There is no doubt that downtown will look drastically different. I can’t tell you today what the future holds for that space. I do know many individuals will expend tons of time and energy researching what the future holds.

In fact, you can get involved. On Monday, June 11 at 7 p.m. at the Community Building, there will be a Town Hall meeting, hosted by members of the Local Improvements Committee, WOW, and Walnut Fire Department. Plan on attending, if you can.

With a lot of small town buildings reaching 125-150 years old, you start to realize we are not the only community with this type of problem. I want to thank the committees mentioned above that have come together, meeting weekly, to find a solution for this building and getting Liberty Street open again soon.

Speaking of change, Dollar General will be up and open at some point this summer as the workers continue to make progress on Rt. 92. Avanti Foods had to tear down an old building, which will be replaced with a new one. Fisch Motors will have a different look with their expansion wrapping up soon. Professional Electric will have new siding up this summer at their new location on Rt. 92. The Walnut Library has begun work on the outdoor reading area. We will even have a new bridge soon on the south side of Main Street by the school.

Change is inevitable. Let’s embrace it and get excited for the future.

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