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Chamber Corner: WOW sessions are over, but group just getting started

Last Thursday evening was the final group planning meeting for the Mapping the Future of Walnut (Working on Walnut). The group chose the Green River Country Club for the meeting. After a very good meal prepared by the staff, the group set in to listen to 14 people from different agencies. These government or independent agencies are created and available to help small towns with revitalization projects, and or projects to clean up the town. Lots of good information, lots of valuable contacts. All good, it’s now up to all of us to keep the momentum going and growing.

Two observations from the group that put on the Mapping program, strategic planning. First, it was good to see almost 80 people participate within the program. The comment was made, that it was one of the largest participating groups they could remember. Other comment made, was how young the overall group was. Yes, we were blessed with some long time residents of Walnut participating, but the group had many many younger people that want to better Walnut.

After all said and done, there are 6 groups formed with some similar goals, yet many independent goals. Each group has a goal and a top 5 strategy to accomplish. Then proposed projects are prioritized to begin the goal work and accomplishment. Each group created have action teams that will be responsible for the plans and results as projects progress.

The Priority goal groups as follows: Thriving Industrial Sector, Robust shopping and dining district, Beautiful Community, Indoor and Outdoor Sports and recreation, Always Something to do in Walnut, Housing Options for Residents of all stages of life and income levels. These 6 priorities won out over a total of 10 wants and or needs identified for our town. These 6 will be a focus of not only plans, ideas and fund raising, but guides for keeping us all moving forward in a positive well planned way. There are meetings being planned by each group, to get started. We are planning a town wide meeting in June to present an even more formal sight of where each group is going. More to come.

The Celebration committee got together last week as well. Nothing but very positive news there. Over 20 people showed up to the meeting, all with ideas and willing to help. I can tell you two things that I know. More things for the kids and young people to do, and if it is possible, an even better Fireworks show. As far as the Chamber involvement, we are cooking Friday night and Sunday afternoon at the Beer Garden. Always can use help for that, call Sandy Green if you can be there for a shift.

That’s it for now, lots going on, lots of expectations. Let’s hope everyone can step up and fulfill them. Have a great week, be careful of all the equipment on the roads, it is a very busy time of year. Shop Walnut whenever you can, let’s get the empty buildings taken care of on Main street. Thanks for your efforts.

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