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Chamber Corner: Chamber Meeting, CGH, School Referendum

Half way into January 2017. Life seems pretty good. Could be better? Yes, and there are those out there that know how to make life better for all concerned. Anyway, very easy Winter so far, and best of all the garden seed catalogs seem to be coming daily. My garden or flower display never looks as good as the pictures in the Catalogs. I have signed up for some Rural Development conference’s for March, as well as paid my Seed Corn bill for Spring 2017. All good, it’s the little things, that start to move your thoughts to the fact that we are now on the downhill side of whatever Winter we have, or may get. Its Winter in Rural Illinois, and we have been lucky so far. You know, we should consider ourselves lucky every day. Life is good, we are in Walnut.

First Chamber meeting of the year, Tuesday night at the Country Club January 17. We will discuss some plans for Chamber as well as look back on what went well in 16 and what we could have done better. We will also discuss the next membership drive to begin end of January, for the 2017 year to come. I believe, the annual banquet will be around the end of March as usual. Any suggestions for a speaker??? I have to say, membership and support for the Chamber and its activities have been very strong. I know we will have even more members in 2017, as well as more members involved with Chamber and its duties. I invite all Chamber members to come Tuesday night to the Green River Country Club.

Got another bit of good news this week, many probably already know about this. The CGH Family Health center here in Walnut is going to a 5 day a week being open. What a great service being provided by CGH, and its staff. Missy Armstrong is our local Nurse Practitioner. Missy and the clinic have served Walnut and its citizens for several years. The clinic will go to a 5 day a week service very soon, watch for more details. Just another good business in Walnut, making everyone’s life better.

Short note this week, just not much going on. There has been some movement on the school situation. Last Tuesday night, the board came to an agreement for a referendum to come to the voters in April. This referendum is far from perfect, but it does accomplish bringing students in the South to a safe learning environment. I certainly believe that has been a focus of all concerned. There will be more details, as well as more individual opinions about the proposed referendum. It appears, the project could come in at a cost that the district could afford, without cuts to staff and classes. Teachers are the most important asset, and they need to know they will be appreciated and respected over the next very difficult years of transition. Read, listen to facts, and not speculation, and ask honest productive questions of board and staff. As I opened, it is not a perfect solution by any means, but I believe it is one to support. Have a good week people, come to Chamber meeting Tuesday night. Thanks for your efforts.

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